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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2005 at 12:20am
Music: Akon- Mr. Lonely
welps i believe its time to update this bad boy... welps Thursday i skipped school cause i wasnt in the mood to see MOST of the people there lol.. so basically i slept all day...... then Friday i didnt do anything i was suppost to go get my prom dress but Grace wouldnt get out of bed......... oh well.. then late friday night Chris informed me that he didnt want to talk to me for a REALLY long time cause he was mad at me and i hurt him really bad. Chris im really sorry i didnt mean to hurt you........... anyways.... on Saturday i got up at like umm 11 showered then went Prom dress Shopping... and i got one by the way lol it is REALLY pretty hehe cant wait .. welps after that we went and got ice cream and was waiting around then went to Billy Bobs For Killer's Birthday party Great fun welps then when we was leaving in the parking lot.. i seen Crystal...... i think i hurt tabis ear cause i seen Crystal and yelled for her hehe and i was right beside tabi when i yelled.... oppz Sorry Tab! welps after i got to Crystal i told her i could see she drove her Cavan and her daughter just looked at me but me and Crystal laughed about it lol..... welps then i left and on the way home me and mom went to Target to waste time lol... then when we got home we seen Grace turn the curve lol and i about died cause i was suppost to be ready to leave by the time Grace got home lol.... then we finally left the house to go to a Trombone thing. i dont remember the name of it but it was at the Areil (spelled wrong i think) in Ohio and and on the way we stoped at DQ..... yummy.... then we couldnt find the theater lol..... and when we finally got in there there was like 10 people maybe and like at the show there was like 20 maybe 30 lol.... i about froze to death .... and then after it was over we went to Wendy's to eat.. then came home and talked to people and stayed up till freakin 5.. yes 5am lol then today i got out of bed at ehhh 5 or 6 PM haha mom didnt say nothing to me either YAY. at like 7:30 i went down with mom to put the pigs up cause we let them out in the big pin to play around and stuff... and on the way up to the house she was like Kim i really need to tell you something but i dont know how to tell you.... and was beating around the bush about it.... Gosh I hate it when people do that but yeah finally she told me cause i got pissed and was yelling at her.... and she told me that Shaina (My Piggie) died ..... she died about 3 weeks ago and no one was gonna tell me about it.... i wondered on Easter why no one would go with me down to the barn and wouldnt let me go but i just blew it off cause i thought maybe it was cause it was raining so much and that it was too muddy or something ..... i Cryed for over 2 hours.. and Grace got mad at mom for telling me.... no one wanted me to know.......i mean what are they gonna do if a family member dies are they gonna hide that from me too? cause to me its just the same..... welps after i found out I ran in the house and locked myself in moms room cause hers and grace's are the only ones with lockes in them.... finally mom needed to go to bed so i unlocked the door and left....... this weekend has sucked.....besides the Jennays Bday party welps thats all for my update.... Much Love and Like always God Bless

OH YEAH... did you guys know the Pope Died Saturday? cause he did... Grace called me like 100 times saturday to tell me he died at 2 something. Very sad stuff
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