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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2005 at 1:40am
Current mood: amused
Music: taking back sunday-lullaby
welps today (monday) was gay we didnt do anything important.. 1st and 2nd was gay like always in 3rd shaina kept on trying to fall asleep and i wouldnt let her lol. i kept on telling her to be a good girl and stay awake haha it was funny... then in 4th i tryed sleeping didnt work out to well cause i didnt want Mama Pyles to eat me or anything....... then after i got home i was gonna try to sleep again but i got online for a while and talked to Junior and Shaina.. then tryed going out to dads and we got almost out there and well we passed Tracy and stoped her and she said they was going to get their Taxes filled out so i didnt get to go see Sami or dad........ Shaina Next time ill go up to your home ...... welps then i came home and played with the piggies and then came in ate and slept till about 12 or 1 and got up and now here i am talking to Keshia..... welps im gonna get a going Much Love and like always God Bless

Oh yeah im gonna show you a Great convo with me and Keshia yesterday its funny stuff......................
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:02:28 AM): i got beat up lastnight by my desk, it attacked my leg, they're friends now though, i promised not to sue, we settled it out of court...
KimmAyx07x (12:03:10 AM): why did your desk attack your leg? what did your leg ever do to deserve that
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:04:02 AM): the bitch said that my leg was invading her space
KimmAyx07x (12:04:15 AM): well was your leg?
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:04:39 AM): and talking shit on her...fucki leg wasnt anywhere near her
KimmAyx07x (12:05:06 AM): was it the right leg or the left one? cause your right one has a mind of her own she gets mean sometimes
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:05:55 AM): it was the left one...she cant help it kim...she has split personalities
KimmAyx07x (12:06:33 AM): the left one likes to cut people.. did she cut the desk? maybe thats what pissed the desk off
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:07:17 AM): i dont think she did, i dont babysit them, they're old enough to be out on their own without mommy
KimmAyx07x (12:08:21 AM): yeah i know what you mean....i always have to keep a eye on mine still cause they are always runing in to stuff or getin beat up
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:09:24 AM): yeah sometimes mine like to kick stuff and trip me...but other than that they're pretty good legs
KimmAyx07x (12:10:26 AM): yeah mine are good sometimes but they still need to be trained a bit more
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:12:17 AM): yeah...i think mine need a little more training but my left one is injured now... she said when she gets better that the desk has had it
KimmAyx07x (12:12:58 AM): but what if the desk sues after youe leg gets her back?
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:14:04 AM): um..i'll kill that bitch and dump her body in the river
KimmAyx07x (12:14:25 AM): ok if she comes up missing i wont tell anyone
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:15:04 AM): ok good
xXLiLxChiCaXx07 (12:16:50 AM): it's our little secret
KimmAyx07x (12:16:57 AM): ok sounds like a plan

Dont you guys just love our retard

Love ya
Kimberly Dawn
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