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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2005 at 1:36am
Subject: Perhaps a new layout is in order.
As the subject boldly states, ahem, I probably should improve the look of this layout. These days the appearance is more important to me than the content. It's the appearance that keeps me entertained. Probably, because I no longer enter anything of value in this journal.

After this entry, I'll have you know, I intend to play Counter-Strike and see what my ping will be like now that I'm home. The past few days I've been camping elsewhere and mooching of said-elsewhere's wireless. That wasn't too bad. I'd call it free but, while I'm using theirs, I'm still paying for the unused internet at home. And, while theirs is decent, mine is twice as fast.

Caught up with an old English buddy today. Even seems I got a special proposal when and if I ever decide to buy a silly little Ford Escort Cosworth. Which I won't. But if I did, I'd only buy it to give to this person. It apparently means a whole hell of a lot to them and a whole hell of nothing to me.

Despite being incredibly late for work and running out of gas in my car (two separate events), my day has been pretty well off. I am strangely happy to be home and sitting here, now, typing when I should be sleeping. I need to be up for work in five hours. I need to wash my uniform. I still need to fill my tank up with gas. Right now I'm running on four and a half gallons that a friend graciously filled for me. It's been a long time since I ever felt that nice feeling inside.. you may know of it.. when you need a hand and someone is there for you without hesitation; without question, other than where you are and what you need. And the funny thing is, I hadn't considered this friend to be a good friend. We were just buddies, really, nothing solid. But, today I definitely felt otherwise, and I'll really be more appreciative of them in the future. Or try to. We still are both assholes to each other in good jest.

We planned to play Counter-Strike today, but I went to Taco Bell instead. Yea, what an ass..
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