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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2005 at 7:22am
Current mood: chipper
Music: ruthless.
Subject: i finally know now what i shouldve known then ; and i can still be ruthless if youd let me .
Well ; my last entry wasn't exactly true . I found everything out afterschool when I went over Robbies house . Everyone's just talking shit about him becuhz thats the way he "used" to be . I supposedly changed him ; says Hector . If it wasn't for Hector me and Robbie probably wouldn't be going out right now . But anyways ; he used to be all for sex and now all of a sudden he wants a relationship with me . I'm going to believe it for now . But in the next week or so ; if he says he wants to have sex and shit . hahahaha . I'm breaking up with him . I made it totally clear for him and his stoner head to understand im not like that lol . I'm so nice I know . =) But ; everythings okay with us . Thank god ; cuhz the last thing I need is DRAMA . I'm allergic . Last night I went to work . And ; had some pretty weird conversations with Ben ; my dads friend I work with . Hes 20 . Hes like my brother . =) He's a cool kid . Well ; this a wee bit long . thanks to all you that care . i love you .

ps. i love britt (=

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