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amazighstarrynights (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2005 at 11:57am
I was going through this phase where I really felt like a mom. Not the super motivated, go get-em girl I am. Wow it really sucked let me tell you. For Anthropology (People of Africa..) we have a research proposal due today. And I feel better now that I have let my intelligent, non-mom side out. Oh there are no pbj smears on this paper, so dirty diapers.....this is pure, unadultrated thought.

My research paper will examine the role of the Islamic faith in the adoption of family law in Islamic nations. While not intended to cover all aspects, or all nations, I will give an overview of the basic tenets as prescribed in the Qu’ran and implemented throughout the Muslim world. More specifically I will focus on the new legislation that has been adopted in Morocco. As King Mohammad VI continues his reign as a moderate and progressive Islamic leader, Morocco has taken many steps to create a system that is fair to all parties; husband, wife and children. This paper will examine the text of the act in Morocco, how this is viewed in the world and problems that will be faced in implementing this law.
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