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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 10:00am
Current mood: sore
Music: Japanese Death Metal
Subject: I get that throbbing feeling woooohhhoohhh
Friggin' tonsilitis.
If god is almightly why not eradicate disease from his "paradise".

Possibility of it being glandular fever too. Yay.

On other notes however, I have a wet ass.
My retarded mother has a problem with realising when enough is enough and falls asleep at the fucking computer with her wine glass in her hand. Is it even possible to get THAT drunk that you KEEP drinking even when asleep?
Can anyone say "Alcoholic"? I despise her.

On other news. Distance Ed is going reasonably well, I have caught up in two subjects and this friday also a third. As the teacher has made weeks 3 and 4 read only weeks which makes them very simple. Then week 5 needs to be done and its all good.

Should be going to see a movie tonight with Loz called Hitch. Im paying for this one as I know its one she didnt really want to see. But we're also going to see the pacifier this weekend, possibly with her friend sarah and Sarah's boyfriend Brad. Thats one she did want to see as it is apparently quite hilarious.

Also, tis mine and Laurens 5 month in ten days. Never thought id reach that far with her. Another month and ten days and it will be Laurens longest relationship. Another 3 months and ten days and it will be my longest relationship. Weird thought that....My longest relationship with a girl that I didnt think would last longer than 2 months.

She suggested the other day that we go somewhere....Im rather inclined to that idea....I need to get back into working and save the money for a trip....Maybe for our 6 month. I shall hope for that...Hopefully my tonsilitis goes away enough that I can get back into working ASAP and put away a few hundred. Anyhow...Im off. Things to do, people to see....Or....the reverse ;-)
Take care all!

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