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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2005 at 10:41pm
Current mood: pissed off
monday i had school, studied, and went and gave plasma. that night a bunch of us went to village on teh parkway and played pool. then went in the hot tub and swimming pool. dylan and i had a chicken fight vs. kenyan and michelle. it was a ton of fun. dylan and i are back to kissing. i think this time we are just going to remain ncmo's. (non commital make out). that way we dont have to go through breaking up. then we came back to my place and ended up just falling asleep. after a good make out though!

yesterday i was at school from 830-2. i hate tuesdays and thursdays. but what can i do. 3 weeks till im home! i cant believe it. :-) and i cant wait!! i went to the gym. then went over to dylans for a bit. then we came back to my place and watched "the saint" that is such a good movie and it takes place in moscow! oooh i cant wait to go. i think im going to be getting assigned to a school this weekend! nice. then dylan and i went back to his place.

today officially sucked. so im driving down this road which i thought was 35 but turns out its only 25 because of some elementary school. well, im going 40 so a cop pulls me over and i get a ticket. then i go to donate plasma and some new guy puts the needle all the way through my vein so they have to take it out and i cant donate. that made me mad because now i need money to pay for that stupid ticket! when i got home i was all upset, dylan came over and helped my feel better. then we went and got my laundry and he helped me fold it. then i did some homework. then we went to the mall. i got this bra from victoria's secret. it actually makes my boob's look big! ahh i love it. :-) i went to american eagle and got two shirts, that finished off my christmas gift card. then i got some black sandles at payless and got dylan a tshirt for his birthday on friday. after the mall i went and got food at walmart with michelle and kenyan. now i have to do some homework stuff....cant wait for this semester to be done with!
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