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kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 4:50pm
Music: jimmy Fallon -idiot boyfriend
Sorry i keep on forgetin to update on here... so if i havent updated for like a week then go to my xanga... cause its there i just havent put it on here yet lol... you might have to remind me sometimes too lol

Thursday, April 07, 2005
welps pretty much today was Rating...... GRR i was soo ticked on the way up there cause some people would not shut up and was acting like they was 3 and oh bud that didnt fly well with me cause i was trying to sleep cause i was on a buss for almost 2 horus going to Parkersburg.......... it wouldnt have taken as long if they buss driver would have been smart and got on the interstate.. but no he was gay and was taking us out roades that was very bumpy and i couldnt sleep and spilt tea on my shirt.. so what white shirt and a nice little tea spot right on the boob... you dont like that? lol...... welps finally we got there..... no thanks to the gay buss driver........well when we got there we seen riply but i didnt see tom or dave but they said it was the high school.... which was a lie cause on the paper it said Middle...... so what......... but then we went to practice and i thought it sounded good.. Jason got the high note and everything.... while practicing that is......... after we got out on stage that was a different story...... first problem was that Cristy sat down when we got out there.... big no.. we was suppost to wait for Mrs schoon.... the first song. we did ok i guess. i could hear people messing up tho....... we have played it alot better b4 but no when it actually matters we mess up ....... then the 2nd song.. i liked i thought it was good we just should have played louder....... and at the end Jason missed the high note he has ...... after we got done playing we got up and left and went back in the set up room to get our cases and i seen my point folks i seen Kevin and he has dyed his hair blonde.. it looks good tho and i seen all my dance weekend buddys.... i missed going soo bad this year i didnt really get to talk to Anna or Tabi much tho.. i talked to well i cant remember her name but i always talk to her haha... opps....... i remember while im talking to her tho lol......... then i had to get my band together and we left....... Mrs Schoon got out to the buss and i could tell we didnt do good... i mean i knew we wasnt gonna get ones or nothing but i thought at least a 3... i would have been happy with a 2 or a 3....... but no...... we have to get a 4 i was really upset cause i thought we did better then a freakin 4!!!! i mean the worst you can get is a 5 and we was much better then we was last year and we got a 4 last year too.... so what if the judges didnt know what they was talking about or doing!!!!.....then on the way home i talked to Tater tot the whole time and was acting dumb just like we used to all the time..... and we stoped at Wendys which wasnt the best but hey at least it was food haha..... and then back to the buss and the gayness we got back to the school at like umm....... 2:15 probably and like most of the band went back to class not me haha i stayed in Mrs Schoons room cause i didnt want Mama Pyles to eat me cause basically i didnt want to do my study guide so i didnt lol...... then we got report cards and im not happy with mine at all.... i got all C's i mean if it was last year i would be fine with it but i guess i expect more out of myself now cause it made me sick to see those C's............. welps then i forgot about paly practice and came home... i dont know how i forgot tho cause i was studying lines on the way home from Ratings to start with....... Oh well..... i hope Mrs Duke dont hate me........... welps then i got online and seen Chris was online and got sad cause of course i cant talk to him ... and like i looked at his profile.... and the song that i inspired is in there.... so i dont know if hes still thinking about me and thats a hint for me to try and talk to him or what... im soo confused the sad thing is i still care about him even tho i dont want to cause he has a girlfriend and everything..... i really wanted to call him while i was in parkersburg and make him come over to that middle school and talk to me but i didnt have the balls to call him i get mad at other people for not having the balls to go do something or to tell someone something but then im just as scared to do something ....... anyways on with the day here i am... looking for a new layout cause Shaina dont like the one i have ...... who in their right mind dont like Metallica? lol Shaina thats who lol..... i have to have a girly layout cause im a girl..... bull shit haha but im gonna find one just to make her happy .... she better start commenting more tho haha welps Keshia. shaina.... leave me some comments lol Much Love and like always God Bless

Kimberly Dawn

Eight years old and they made a vow to be friends forever.
"Friends forever," she said.
"Friends forever," he said.
Ten years old and they made the vow to give each other space.
"I need some room," she said.
"I'll back away," he said.
Twelve years old and he made a vow to find out if Tom liked her.
"Does Tom like me?" she asked.
"I'll find out," he said.
Fourteen years old and he made the vow to love her forever.
"He doesn't love me anymore," she said.
"He doesn't deserve you," he said.
Sixteen years old and he made the vow to love her forever.
"Nobody loves me," she said.
"I know someone who does," he said.
Eighteen years old and he made the vow to forever hold his peace.
"I'm getting married," she said.
"I'll be there," he said.
Twenty years old and he made the vow to be there for her forever.
"I got divorced yesterday," she said.
"I'm here for you," he said.
Twenty-two years old and he made the vow to keep on loving her
"Why doesn't anyone love me?" she asked.
"I have always loved you," he said.
Twenty-four years old and he made the vow to never love again.
"I could never love you," she said.
"I could never stop," he said.
Twenty-six years old and he made the vow to never live again.
"I can never see you again," she said.
"I can never live again," he said.
Twenty-eight years old and he made the vow as he lay in an open casket.
"I'm sorry," she said.

welps i decided i would get online at a normal time so i could update this beast for the day its suppost to be lol well i didnt go to bed till like 5 cause i wasnt tired.. then i got up at 6:30 and was actually ready b4 i was suppost to leave... i was proud of myself lol.. then i got to school and didnt want to be there cause i didnt want to go on that trip even tho i told Kesha girl i would be there lol.... Shaina didnt go to school welps after we got to Point for our trip me and Mel was seeing all kinds of people we know.... cause of course its not that far away lol but we couldnt remember peoples names.... oppz welps 3rd we had a test and it was somewhat easy but i guessed alot lol cause i wanted to sleep.... then we went to clubs woohu lol loads of fun lol.. not really but thats ok..... then 4th was gay like always and then i had Grand band..... during the break Jason said he needed to talk to me and so we talked alot and like he said that him and Allison wasnt working out cause they was to different people and yeah wel pretty much hes gonna break up with her i think........ he saids the reason he didnt tell me they was dating is cause she didnt want him to.. and like he called my house after he found out i knew and was gonna talk to me and stuff but i was at Keshia's and he was gonna go down to Keshia's to see me cause he didnt know Keshia's #.......... he kept on telling me he was sorry he didnt tell me and i was like well Jason maybe if you would just grow some balls things would be alot better and he laughted at me but was telling him the truth.. he needs to start saying what he means instead of like saying i dont know or just not talking about it at all..... oh well...... welps that was about the mist of my day..... i might update later again.... much love and God Bless

Kimberly Dawn

i need to start updating before midnight lol cause you guys always think its the next day when its not lol..... Oh well.. this is for tuesday welps it was gay just like every other day.... 1st period nothing... 2nd nothing but Justin got yelled at lol it was funny but then again it wasnt cause it start with i didnt know what was going on.. Carl wasnt suppost to talk the whole class period and at the start of it everyone was trying to get him to talk....... he ened up talking at like 10:30 he went a long time with not talking for Carl lol.... Carl if it means anything i like it better when you talk cause its not a quiet in there lol.......... then there was lunch and my Kesha girl was back so she could eat with me llol cause yesterday i was all by myself till Keshia and Mel got in there and i didnt even know they was gonna eat so i was gonna be siting by myself the whole time Oh well..........welps then in 3rd i almost got in trouble cause i was working on Mama pyles homework that i had forgot about oppz haha.... oh you guys be proud i didnt copy Keshia or shaina's Health i actualy did it today YAY i was proud of myself .. welps then in 4th i swear it took all i had to stay awake.... i didnt feel good at all.... so i came straight home after school and went ot bed and got up at like 11:30 or 12 and got on here to see if anyone was here but at the time no one would talk to me it was very sad.. i tryed to talk to Shaina but i gues she hates me cause she wouldnt talk back plus she lied about Commenting today she said she would leave a BIG comment but i didnt get one...... that meanie..... welps im gonna get a going back to bed..... Bye Much Love and God Bless

Kimberly Dawn
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