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beguiled (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 4:05pm
Subject: A little about myself.
New journal! Yays!!! I'm so excited.

I guess I'll start right now!

My name is Camille Jacqelin Demot. I love it. It's so pretty. I live in Fallon, Nevada. It's a boring place, let me tell you. I turn 17 on the 19th!! I'm exstatic about that. I'm just that much closer to 18 and leaving off for college. I'm looking at a college in Boston. We have family over there and my cousin goes to school there. She has told me so many lovely things about it.

My zodiac sign is Aries but I have a cut-off birthday so I have many traits from the Taurus sign, as well. I was born in Japan. My mom was visiting and I came early. We came back home four days later and mom said I didn't cry on the plane. (which considering how young I was, was a VERY good thing ^_^) Our family is American, Japanese, British, Norwegien, Tibetan, and French. I know, alot of mixes in there, but all for the better, right?

I have white skin. (that is kind of pale since I tend to stay inside on the computer alot XP) My hair is black and my eyes are a deep shade of brown. I look alot like my mom. It's a good thing since I love her so much and she is so pretty. :D I'm 5'4". I think I'd die if I was any shorter. I love the sky and I'd much rather grow up tall than short.

A little review of my favorite things:
Food-Chinese noodles, white rice, watermelon and whipped cream
Color-Purple, gray and red
Music-Indie and pop-ish rock
Animal-Ducklings, tigers, butterflies, and cranes (so mystical and lovely)
Things-The sky, nature, nail polish, anime, Looney Toons, cherry blossoms, mountains, peace, scarves, music and cute undies
Things to do-Listen to music, enjoy life, draw, dance, (like a dork) play, sleep, give massages, shop, smile and dream

If there are any questions the woohu community wants to ask me, feel free.

Goodbye for now!
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