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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 9:24pm
Music: Taking Back Sunday CD :)
Subject: **concert time**
Hi! Ok...last Saturday was my party at BillyBobs...haha... I am like so mature. The time went by really fast tho. My carebear cake was just so sexy =] Sunday was my party for my family...gosh I love presents...they're so great. Well Monday was my real birthday and I did not wanna go to school at all so Mommy let me stay home...I love her!! haha...She actually let me drive to the mall and was so great and yeah I'm an awesome driver. The day went by so fast...I love how I look forward to my next birthday the day after my birthday. There's like 362 days til Im 18!!! Isnt that great?! OMG..thats so scary to think about though...I'm sad my 17th birthday is over...and another sad thing was American Idol last night...Well I voted for that show...for the first time Tuesday night...and I voted 243 times for Nikko...and of course Wednesday he would be the one that got kicked off...gosh I hate Scott...He can not sing at all...I love how he won over Nikko...makes me wanna puke!!...I did my first job application on my birthday...I did it online at JCPenneys...It's not like I'm gonna get it but it was cool filling it out...I felt old...haha Ok well 2morrow night is the freakin Taking Back Sunday concert...I am so flippin' excited!!! It's gonna be so perfect...cuz the lead singer is so 2morrow at lunch JR is taking Me, Bobbi and Sarah to Bobbi's Dads house and then we are off to Cincinatti!! Gosh I can not wait!! Theres like 22 hours til the concert! haha!! Well...I'ma go...Bye Bye!!

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