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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2005 at 10:56pm
Current mood: aggravated
Music: Jo Dee Messina - My give a damn's busted
Subject: my day

welps once again it is time to update this... i dont know why i update everyday nothing ever happens lol... first was gay like it always is... it didnt start getin fun till like the end when Keshia T and Tabby was drawing lol then in 2nd it was soo funny i loved it! i have a new name... i am now from China my name is KIMDAWN! haha Great stuff..... then there was lunch and it was boring like always... we ate then sat in the gym.. pure gayness i tell you what lol.... then in 3rd i saved Shaina's life cause she was soo hungery she about died... i gave her crackers.... Mr. Grady acts like hes about 12 or so lol he was trying to take my silly putty lol.. Not cool Mr. Grady!...... then in 4th there was a test and Keshia T left early but hey she always does on test day lol..... welps then when i got home i got on here and talked to Shaina and then went running... yes once again Kim Saunders was running lol.. its gonna be a EVERY day thing now.. cause i stil beleive im fat and need to shed a few pounds lol...... welps then i came in and ate and fought with Grace and then got a shower.... and got really bored so went running again.... 2 times in one day.... dang haha...... but this time when i got to the rail road bridge i tripped when walking out to the little thing you can stand on and almost fell in the nasty creek then there would no longer be a Kimdawn i would be fish food ..... but that didnt happen thank goodness.. then i came in here and talked to shaina for a long time.... then My good ol Adam got on and we had a nice convo till Grace got in here and he had said something i really didnt want grace to read so i told him BRB and he ok and i guess Grace was in here to dang on long cause he left me he never answered me question and i really wanted to know the answer.... stupid Grace........ Much Love and leave me some comments KIMDAWN!!!

Jennay i hope you had fun at your concert
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