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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 2:09am
Current mood: bouncy
Music: tally hall- good day
Subject: just screwin around
yes, boredom. at 2 in the morning on a friday. you might be asking why i'm not completely lit right now, and the answer, my friends, is life. yes, my life is interfering with my partying.

first of all, i have practice in the morning. not that i've let that interfere too much in the past, but whatev. second, mommy's coming tomorrow to take me to get my cell phone fixed, and she's also taking home some of my stuff before i actually move back home for the summer. this means that i actually have to pack stuff. soooo i figured i might not want to be feeling the effects of a 151 binge from tonight.

third, and finally, is the list. yes, the list of crap that will ruin the next week of my life:

Monday: Philosophy homework and Spanish homework due, academic achievement banquet.
Tuesday: 7 page english paper rough draft due, 1 page english reading response due. 3:15 philosophy meeting with professor, 4:00 spanish movie in the mlb.
Wednesday: 6:30 am meeting with jim, 15 minute presentation for women's studies due, 5-6 page summative paper for women's studies due.
Thursday: english test, english homework due.
Friday: 7 page philosophy paper due, 4 page spanish paper rough draft due. swimming banquet.
Monday: final draft of spanish paper due, philosophy exam.
Wednesday: final draft of english paper due.

ask me which of these i have started. my response will surely be a four-letter word that starts with 'z' and ends with 'ero'. all of the stuff i just listed is on top of the fact that i have to go to practice (which will be my first week really getting into workouts since feb), eat meals, and sleep. oh, and by the way, it's two days before all of these due dates begin, and my mom will be here for the day tomorrow, i'm going to a baseball game with the recruit on sunday early, and sunday night i'm going to danielle's for dinner. so my time is limited to tomorrow night and sunday morning for now. fat chance of me actually doing anything in that span of time.

pretty much the next week is going to suck giant balls, but i figure it's gonna be sweet when i get to go home, get my tattoo, and do absolutely nothing for about two weeks. i need a short vacation. and who knows, maybe it'll be hot during that time so i can work on my tan. god knows i need to.

in the meantime, i need to get some rest, because i have a busy day of stuff and a busy night of beer pong tournaments ahead of me.

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