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xonixieox (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 8:47am
Current mood: cranky
Music: colt 45 x afroman
Subject: bad night last night

well lets see.. i went to the mall alst night with traci.. it was fun.. so basically my night was good until i got home at fucking 10:30 to find my Drunk ass family all sitting downstairs watching a movie. so i sit down with melissa and watch it too.. but then mellie starts to complain because shes tired, and im the one who gets yelled at for everything seriusly my family has some issues.. then my aunt like nik come here i want to talk to you.. now let me rmind you that shes drunk right.. and so im like no.. just watch the fucking movie.. then shes like are you on drugs.. are you high.. did you somoke pot.. are you on crack.. what the fuck is wrong with you.. so then im just getting pisses so im flip... shes the fucking one who is a CrAcK wHoRe! like no joke.. she has no right to say im on drugs.. wen by the way i was completely straight.. when shes a fucking grrrrrr.. im getting pissed just typing this.. ok so anyways after i flipped out my dad and his friend start yelling at me even more so i just got up and screamed really loud " this family is a fucking wate of my fucking time" .. you all know me.. i need the fucking last word.. like always.. lol.. then i slammed my door and called traci and went to bed.. ya it was a great night..

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