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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 9:01am
Current mood: waking up..
Music: Good stuff
Subject: Damn you French club!
You know what a good feeling is? When you can sing that damn blue lady song from the 5th Element movie. Yup, makes you feel all good inside. So last night I went to the Ambivalence concert over at PBCC, for the Cancer fundraiser thing. They were awesome, and I could actually hear Andrew singing. Though I question some of the words he said, but I guess you aren't supposed to know what he's saying? There was this band before them, good instrumentals..but it was like GAAAAAAA...DEATH GAAHHH! I was just like...huh? They didn't have faces. Their hair just was all ::waves hand around face:: there. But yah, the improvement in the guys playing/performing like mad woah. You can't even compare when they first started to now, that's how big the change is. So life has been great of course. I'm happy my grades were fairly good. 4 A's, 1 B, and 2 C's (which were 79.1' have to have a 79.5 to get a B..) So I was happy with that. GPA 3.2 HPA 3.6, so yah life is good. It's hard to imagine that I'm going to be a senior and graduating soon, just sortof a scary thought. Lately, I have been such a klutz and just blonde. Tripping over things, saying phrases that don't make sense. Heh, but none the less it makes me laugh, and that my friends is all that matters. Well, I must get dressed for the rehersals at the Kravis center. Arrivederci!

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