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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 10:47am
Music: I Believe In A Thing Called Love // The Dampness
Hmm, it is a nice day out. Anybody wanna hang out?

I wrote almost 5,000 words yesterday! That is like professional quality! Maybe I do have a shot at being a full time writer. I like how my story turned out, except I am agonizing overa moral compromise my character makes. I know character's aren't supposed to be perfect, but I think it is a bad example for him to cut corners and get away with it. But the cutting of that corner is part of the basis for the first part of the story. Sigh.

Guess what? I've got more hair on my legs than my head. It's longer than my head hair has ever been too. Weird but kinda awesome at the same time. I am too furry.
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