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goose (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 6:26pm
I enjoyed Last night. Ceritan people not showing up made me realize that i actually am content where i am now. I am happy. All i need is my friends, noting else. SO im good, im happy with the situation i have now. I like being able to gossip and tell secrets about other people while others are turned away...hehehe sandy...

Friday is going to ROCK!!! I am so excited for firday. Yeah for having out performance at 11pm and yeah for getting home late!!! :)

There is a hampster walking around the desk right now...shes moving the mouse and climbing on the keyboard...shes very cute...trying to eat the mouse pad and go into the speaker thats playing The Acadamy is...wooo! Ricky likes them too, thats awesome!

Im at my dads house...i wish i were home partying with Jackie and Jorie...oh well im not gonna be able to go to my dads for a while...

I GOT MY MP3 PLAYER!!! woooooooooo cept i cant put songs on it yet because this computer is too old and doesnt work with that stuff.

Im going to be very busy in the near future

Fire Therapy at my house next boys allowed..sorry. We'll go girl scouting, complain, burn things, and eat lots of comfort food...even though i have to admit i have nothing to complain about...maybe ill save it for a later day then...hmm thoughts? anyone have anything to complain about? Let me know...

The hampster is in my pocket now..hehe it tickles

The thing in Jorie's journal is really good every guy should read it...i definatly agree with most of those

I saw forgotten today, good movie , eerie but good i liked it. Except when my brother screamed at the scary wasnt even that bad, just made you jump a bit you know? he cried afterwards....psh
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