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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 9:38pm
I just got back from Evan's house and i had a good time. Fist we hung out then we like went outside and played soccer and Evan tripped me and made me fall and i got a grass stian on my pants. Then we went to the the font of his house and played basketball for alittle bit and then we talked to Evan's weird friend [i dont know his name]...anyways...that is one funny/weird kid.....hahahaha. Then we went on the computer and listened to music and then we hung out some more and then we ate dinner and then we went back upstairs and hung out once again....then we were gonna kinda watch "Ladder 49" but my mom said i couldnt stay longer :( i was so pissed and i could tell Evan was dissapointed. And thats how my night went. I know my explanation was brief but i dont I have nothing more to out~~
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