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lynds4090 (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2005 at 11:37am
i don't feel good....... all i wanna do is sleep.
got back from flordia last night... i hate driving. i really honestly do. now i have to drive to State... by myself! i'm so scared... very very scared. i hope i don't get lost or anything.
so i'm in flordia.. and i really can't wait anymore for summer. like i just wanna see all my friends.. i wanna go out on a boat into lake michigan.... i just want summer. now that i'm in a crummy mood i want it more... i also decided i want to see him. if i see him then maybe i'll feel as if summer is closer.. idk.. i just can't wait to do stuff... like have huge bonfires.. oh the hollow... sadly i won't be attending this year but thats ok becasue a fire is a fire. i just can't wait.. mostly i just can't wait to sail. i saw boats going out into the gulf and i wanted to jump on them and sail.ah! i wanna sail. i wanna hang out.... i want summer!!!
well more bout flrorida later.. gotta unpack :(
love to all!
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