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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2005 at 11:43pm
this weekend was pretty fun. thursday after astronomy this kid, zach, in my class asked if i wanted to go get icecream. so we went to cold stone. he is a nice kid. he's from spanish fork. he is studying accounting.

on friday i went and bought hub caps for the car. the ones i had didnt match and one was broken. but i found a good sale! instead of 20 bucks i got them for 8. good timing. that night i went out with this kid named landon. he is on the uvsc newspaper and is going to the u of u in the fall. we went out to chili's(my fav. new restaurant in utah, i have been there 3 times in the last two weeks!) then we went and rented open water and watched it at his place. that was one stupid movie.

saturday i went out with blair, he is from my bio class. he is from riverton which is near sandy. we went to the sky box at gateway. we ate there when we came out to visit brando when he was a freshman. then we drove around salt lake and he showed me cool stuff. like this place called "hobbitville" he told me there were midgets there but really there are not. then he took my on "gravity hill" where your car rolls up hill. but it didnt happen. these were just places that are myths in utah. and i didnt know about them. then we went back to his house and watched the day after tomorrow. he went to australia for his mission! sky would be so jealous.

today we had a munch and mingle after church. it was so good! stew, cornbread and icecream.
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