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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 2:08am
Current mood: confused
Music: wallfowers- Closer to you
Subject: wow
welps hum. lets see... saturday was Great besides the fact i got up at freakin 6:30 so we could go to the aquarium with APO... almost the whole time i didnt really talk to Grace much cause i didnt want to get ate lol.... but it was fun.... there was this one guy named Greg and like there was a leak in one on the tanks and he was poking it saying theres a hole here theres a hole here and people was passing and probably laughing at him.. cause i know i was lol.. we ate at this place called Donny's is GREAT... everyone needs to go to The Newport Aquarium and go to the little shopping place beside it and go to donny's pizza... and get a pizza with the white sause.. yummy..... welps on the way home we had to find our own why back cause Davie stayed with his Gf up there and he was the one we followed there lol... so basically we was LOST.. thanks Davie........ welps then when we got to Ashland we stoped at the town center.. and was there for like 30 mins maybe and when we left we got stoped at a red light... and this guy beside us was staring at me and shiz... and when we was driving away he did the head wave and like winked at me so i waved back and was joking with Grace and told her we should go follow him... and like she went off on me and was yelling at me wanting to go follow when i was just joking.... and she was like Kim you know if someone didnt know you they would think you was a whore by how you act about and around guys........ she said i always want to go find some hot guy to talk to.... well i mean what teenage girl dont want to........ so basically i stoped talking to her. then when we was almost home she asked me if i liked the Aquarium and i told her i did besides the fact that there was alot of people ( i dont like crouds they make me sick. like i get really dizzy and get a bad head ache.... its not like i can help it) and she was all yelling at me and was like Kim you need to get over that the world is full of people and you cant get thru life with out being around people... oh gosh she pissed me off soo bad.. im still not talking to her.....we ended up getin home at like 9 something and mom ask me how i liked it and i told her i had a blast till we got to ashland... and then i wanted to jump out of the car lol..... and i told her and hershal about how Grace called me a whore..... and i was like you know what i mean if i was out sleeping around then sure i would be a whore. i would call myself a whore.. but im not i havent even did anything besides kiss a guy so i dont know how i could even be close to being a whore.. and hershal had the deer in the headlight look and then was like you have a good point there lol hes so dumb you gonna love him..... welps then i didnt talk to Grace for the rest of the night of today for that matter.... but like today mom came in my room at like 15 after 9 and asked if i was going to church and i said no cause i forgot about tabi coming over to go.. so mom layed down and talked to me for a while. then at like 9:30 tabi came over and i had to hurry and get ready for Church haha oh well at least we made it there. only a few mins late lol welps i didnt stay for actual church i didnt feel good.. well it wanst i didnt feel good its just i didnt feel normal lol if you guys know what im talking about..... welps then i came home and went to moms room and was watching tv all day... it was fun lol i was either sleeping or watching tv.. it was my lazy day. i watched that movie Odd Girl Out... it was REALLY good......... welps now im talking to Fen, Junior, and the great Eric haha welps im gonna go.. Leave me some comments Much love and like Always God Bless!

Kimberly Dawn Saunders
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