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blondie17 (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 11:40am
Subject: read!
i like him so much. but i dont think it goes both ways. its on then its off...then its on then its off. i cant stand hearing him talk about other girls. we had one good night.....where i felt like the feeling was semi mutual. another night he talked about how he had sex with alyssa (one of his ex's) that afternoon...and i wouldnt let him touch me. i was pissed. then he told me he was just joking...and that it was cute that i cared so much. i was sitting on the slide and he came over and kissed me...a peck but he came to me and did it! my stomach hurts cause im talking about him so im going to once i hope that i dont get my heart broken...i would just like this chance.
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