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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 9:56pm
Current mood: pissed
Music: "Hit the Floor" ~Linkin Park
Subject: turn around and go
I think sometimes, the youngest just doesn't get it.

They don't understand the sacrifices the older silblings and parents make.
They don't understand the world somehow doesn't cater to them.
They don't see that sometimes they have to step out of their little bubble of happy-world and pick up some slack.

I'm damn sick of sacrificing things so she can enjoy something. I'm tired of driving her places without a 'thank you' and then be called to do an out of the way drive for her, and her have no clue what an inconvenience it is. Not that I do those drives often or anything. Dad does. Often enough he's way out there with those kids and driving other kids home for her and she has no freaking clue how far things are.
And always gotten those damn things she wants. Doesn't matter the cost or place or means of purchasing. Whatever will make her happy.

And she can't freaking taper that damn attitude of hers. She is not the center of the world and I'm sorry if she's going through the same hell of school and people I went through but if I got yelled at like the piece of crap I supposedly am and put in my place, then sure as anything is going to get the same treatment. I will not take double standards and as evil and jerkish as it sounds, I told mom she better get the life screamed out of her. I will not put up with her inconsiderations ontop of that attitude. At least when I went through that attitude I had some consideration of other people.

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