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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 4-11-2005 at 10:59pm
Subject: Jones Soda Fortune of the Day: Your luck will completely change today.
I had an entry time-consumingly written out in all it's pessimistic splendour, and lost it just as quick when my laptop decided it needed to restart. However, I'm actually glad it happened because the very thing I was writing about was resolved soon after. I got the chance to talk with a great friend of mine that I've been painfully missing the past several months. Even though we didn't say a whole lot it was refreshing and wonderful, and I'd love to talk to him again soon.

Tonight I was feeling pretty accomplished as well. I finally got off my lazy ass (and walked three feet across my room) to set up my printer/scanner/copier that I purchased in November. I recall not setting it up the night I bought it because of a technical difficulty, which amuses me because it took less than five minutes to set up tonight. I printed and scanned a few things, which I am very happy with, even though the quality sucks major ass. I only bought it to print sketches to revise (being the perfectionist) so I wouldn't ruin the original drawings, and this shite product does just enough and especially nothing more.

Next thing on my agenda (what.. an agenda?) is to catch up on HTML, JScript, and strangely enough: LPC. Especially now that I set up my shitprinter I can draw images for websites and just shitscan them onto my computer. That will give me an excuse to work with PhotoShop 7 some more.

Well, I'm cutting this entry short so I can take a well-deserved shower.
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