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FreakishIYK (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2005 at 2:16pm
Current mood: ok
Music: tool-sober
Subject: Prom Night
I meant to put this in earlier but oh well. You know how things are.
Saturday was prom night and although the music sucked, as the night went on I had fun. I know Mike was uncomfortable in his tux, but I kept telling him he looked good.
The only think I was disappointed with was the music. All they played was rap, and very very few slow songs, and even those were rap like. I went up to the DJ asking him to play Slipknot-Vermillion pt.2 since it's kinda slow, and he didn't have it, so I went back to Mike and got another song title from him, the DJ didn't have that either but he promised me he'd play something similar and slow. So I said ok and went to sit back down...he didn't playing anything like that, 2 more slow rapish songs, and then back to the up beat stuff. Mike and I just left.
But when we got back to Mike's house he put a cd in the truck, turned it up and he slowed danced with outside. I don't mean to sound mushy, but him doing that for me...i can't even describe how much it meant to me.
Anyway, when we got back to my house it was about 3 am exhausted.

I think that's about it, if I forgot anything I'll add it later, and if I figure out how to I'll post some of the pics up. So until then, bye.
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