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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2005 at 10:31pm
Current mood: kinda weak feeling...need food
Music: "Fortune Faded" ~Red Hot Chili Peppers
Subject: irony in iron in blood
Got back from watching Akira.... It was nothing like what I'd heard or expected. It was pretty...intense. They liked the graphic scenes, but all done in olden-days style. It would have to be an impressive break-through from old customary anime into the new world. It was ranked number one for most influential/best created anime movie a few years ago. Not seen that survey since (no magazine) but yeah.

It was.....meh. Not my type. And not up to standards now. Character development was minimal if that. And the connections between characters and setting and plot were very vague and loose. It had some good parts in it and came really close to impressing me a few times. Then it got gory-violent. Yeah, I was given a warning on that, still felt the blood drain. Pretty sad if it does that for that kind of movie (as in old) but yeah.

So I finally did it though and can check that off my list and give the dvd back to Gabe. If I remember. :)

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