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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-14-2005 at 8:13am
Current mood: depressed
Music: something coporate. in my head.
Subject: grah !
got into a fight with my mom yesterday . heard her talking shit about me . she said i was a emo bitch that isnt going to do anything with my life . and then she came into my room . and i was like IM EMO AND IM NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING IN MY LIFE ! dude... most of the time im in a good mood... thats until i get home . then im a "emo bitch" so my mom would say . she dosent even know what emo means . she acts like she knows everything... at home im either on the computer ; in my room sitting on the floor blarring rock/emo music ; or out doing something . and if someone pisses me off at my house i go in my room and listen to music . it releaves me . why cant she understand that ? if there was no such thing as the music i listen to id be in a mental institution taking paper clips out of the floor trying to cut myself so i wouldnt have to go threw such things this world has to offer . i dont really use this journal for anyone to comment . its my own personal journal . and if you wanna read it ... be my guest . later guys .

ashes just fall to the ground yeah we're only ashes

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me and anysia sporting the strawberry/banana smoothie josh and clinter so kindly brought to us at 10:30 at night =)
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my baby sister mackenzie
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hah . that wouldve been a good picture . anysia and her weird/scary faces . lol
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proud . =)
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proud too =)
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anysia-- ohhh yeahhhhh !
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blow jobs for free ; anyone ?

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