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elektragamblin (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2005 at 4:08pm
Current mood: drained
Music: Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run
Subject: Fun Fun Fun

Last week was....interesting


First part of the week was ok, started testing...was vastly amused at the easy horridness of the reading test, XD

Then came writing test on was ok....although I fear for 99.9% of the peoples in my room.......-I- was the last one to finish with a grand 50 minutes left..........and thats because I was trying not to show my horrid grammar......and considering that I know at least half of the room doesn't even know what a verb is..............
yeah, XD

I missed the math test, me and mom both got the crud early in the week and it got worse on thursday night.

Finally went back to school on monday after spending the last 4 days with a bucket on the couch.....yeah....that was fun x.x

Of course....I didn't get there until ten...and then at my next class the office made me take the math test....And I was so hoping coming late would make them forget >. > *got like....20 minutes of sleep the night before* The math test....was horrible........My advice to all you little peeps, -never- attempt a math test when doped up on pain killers and sleep deprivation......I felt sooooo stupid x.x And of course...when Gail (the re-take coordinator) found out...she wanted me to just finish the first session and skip the being my usual idiotic stubborn self refused and just asked for a lunch break (which I got....lurve Gail ^^)

After lunch was when the day got, having not had stomache problems for a day and a half was not expecting the sudden tumbling and roundabouts that my stomache decided to do when I was 7 problems away from finishing...and ended up having to go see the nurse...extremely quickly n.n

Of's a testament to my life that Patty was in a meeting, therefor I ended up sitting on a chair in the office, with the secretaries fussing over me because I had turned white as a ghost and was shaking from teeth to toes. life n.n Margeret was so worried about me that she had me lay down and wouldn't let me get my stuff and go home (it was about the time my mom picked me up every day by then), so she went out into the parking lot and -waited- for like....6 or 7 minutes until my mom got there and brought her into the office to take me home...... of course...having turned white with weird splotches on my cheek by that time, and being so icy cold you could almost see the crystalized air I was breathing, mom called the doc, only to find out she'd just left and hour earlier.......have I mentioned that this is my life??? >. >

So anyways, dad ended up carrying me up the stairs....and I slept the whole rest of the day.........

felt better tuesday, went to the doc, usual, didn't have any ideas, so I had to have a blood test done today................



I'm so abused

>. >

<. <


So anyways....thats my exciting life's story....

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