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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2005 at 9:20pm
Current mood: full from dinner
Music: a day late - anberlin
Subject: highways & heartaches pt.2
from that day on we spent pretty much all the time we could together. class, lunch, on the weekends, and once in every blue moon when he wasnt working at the happy clam diner and i wasnt pouring over books he would come to my house afterschool.

when he did, i made him my five star specialty of ramen noodle soup. we would eat our soup on my back porch while we watched life go by on the canal i lived on. then afterwards we would go inside, share an old blue flannel blanket, and watch a movie.

sometimes we would skip the movie bit all together and go lay in the hammock that was set up in my backyard. i would listen to his heartbeat and he would mess around with my hair. our faces would be speckled with the pieces of sunlight that managed to break through the tree branches that loomed over us.

all of this happened before my parents got home. my mom worked in real estate and my dad was a pediatrician. they usually were both home around 7. by the time i was 8, i had already learned the drill: they both got home, we ate dinner around a bland dinnertable, then we all went to do our own things.

i remember the first time i got asked if i was seeing aaron. this girl, stephanie strickland, came up to me in the hall as i was bustling on my way to bio. she was one of those girls who called herself mrs. pitt and you suspected that she still had her my little pony set in her closet. occasionally taking them out and playing with them when mr. pitt didnt call.

'so are you and aaron going out?' she asked with such eagerness, as if it were her only means of living. 'nah, we're just friends,' i replied but in my head i finished it with 'for now.' stephanie looked crushed, 'well you guys should totally go out. you would look so good as a couple!' i raised my eyebrwo toward her, told her 'bye,' then headed towards my class.

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