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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2005 at 4:58pm
Music: GeeNerve -- Carry Me From
Ugh : P I do not feel good. I don't feel like writing so here's a bit of angst I privatized a while ago for your sheer pleasure.

I have been looking for other Christian writers but haven't found much. It is discouraging. The ones I do find try to write all Biblish which is horrible. It seems that if I want to be a christian writer I am stuck writing those self-help books which I think are weird. Either that or Chronicals of Narnia knockoffs or end-times weirdness (I liked the Left Behind series at first but after their 15th drawn out book it began to look to me as nothing more than a marketing plot).

What has happened? Followers of Christ are usually awesome writers. People obviously think the Bible is a good peice of literature. And JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis were the most imaginative and respected authors of our time. Now all we've got is apoclyptic nonsense and "10 ways to be even more annoying" type books.

my neighbor is a Christian and the stuff he writes is awesome. I want to do stuff like that. But no one will publish his stuff. "It's not what the market wants" is all they are concerned about. It looks like I'll have to use the secualr markets to be a writer then. I can still write to Christ's glory, I suppose, but I will be pressured to water it down what I want to say. I mean, I know everything doesn't have to include the gosple straight out and stuff, I just want to do things like write nice stories sans erotica and maybe get across some ideal the is glorifying to God. But "the market" doesn't want it and crap. I dunno. I'm probably never going to make it as a writer.

There ya go. I think I have to throw up.
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