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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 4-15-2005 at 4:40pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: Knew It All Along - Midtown
Subject: all has gone wrong...
so today sucked.
i tried to be happy, i really did..
i tried my hardest to ignore the nagging feeling inside of me, that something was going to go wrong.
but lunch killed it.
jamie was back on his fucking Cody Baker rant, and what a fag he was, and i just lost it.
i've had enough of jamie and his stupid comments.
guys are stupid...why is it that gay guys are, like, the worst thing in the world, but lesbians are sooo fucking hot?
holy shit, it's two girls that like eachother..BIG DEAL.
it's been driving me insane..ever since i came out to him, he doesn't shut up about it.
i swear, if there happens to be another chick within 10 feet of me, he starts going on about how im thinking that she's hot and i want to do her, or something.
and then he makes fun of Cody, like it's not big deal.
"he's mean to me, so why can't i be mean back?"
things are worse on A Days, when mike's there too.
so yeah, after lunch i was fucking pissed, and really sad too.
things just kept coming down on me.
it was like the whole world decided that i didn't need to have anything good happen to me today.
science was probably the worst class i've had all year.
which sucks, because i love science.
but we were doing velocity graphs with the calculators and motion dectors, and ours wouldn't work.
it was so fucked up, mr. glenn gave us new everything, and it never worked.
he even tried to do it for us, but noooo.
so, the last half hour of science was a complete waste of time, and very frustrating.
and then of course Kendra decided to be insanely hyper.
so she's bouncing off the walls, laughing like a crazy person, and telling me that im a Noble Gas.
i wanted to throw something against a wall.
the bus ride wasn't that bad..neither was the walk home.
i got to be alone.
even though Jess and Hannah and Paige came back and sat across from me.
i spent the entire ride staring at the floor, trying to figure out how old the bus was.
and when we got off, Jess waited for me, but then they stopped because they're stupid, and dont know how to tie their shoes, so i just kept walking.
i got ahead of everyone except that one Teal girl.
and Cory..who always rides his bike.
but yeah.
atleast i have The Burn Journals to keep me occupied.
it's such a great intense.
did i already say that?
i think i did..
i want to cry.
but my parents will be home soon, and i have to be happy.
happy, happy holly.
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