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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-16-2005 at 1:19pm
Current mood: sick
on monday my throat began getting really painful. so i went and bought throat medicine. it didnt help.

on wed. i had to go to court at 9. my ticket is 500. that sucks. it was still painful, so i went to the health center at uvsc. they tested me for strep throat but it came out negative. they just said that my tonsils were swollen. so they just sent me home with some pain medicine. the pain medicine didnt help out at all.

yesterday i went back to the health center and they tested me for mono but it came back negative. so they sent me home with better pain medicine. i went to the utah jazz game with blair. brando was there with a bunch of friends also. there were two open seats next to me so he came down and sat next to us with his date. on the way back to blairs house he had to stop and get gas so i went to the bathroom and on my way out i could feel myself getting really sick. so i ran to the trash can and threw up twice. there were people watching, that was strange. blair came up and held my hair. then he went in and got me water. he is such a nice kid. i feel so bad for throwing up on our date. on my way home i called my mom to see what i should do. she was half asleep when i called. she told me to go to the emergency room. when i got home brando called and said mom had called him. so he drove down from salt lake. he gave me a blessing then we went to the hospital. we got there at 12. they tested me again for different things. turns out i ended up having they gave me stronger pain medicine and zithromax-an antibiotic. we didnt get out till 230. as soon as i got home i fell asleep.

mom called today to check up on me. we talked for alittle bit. but it hurts to talk. well, gotta get going to school for a group project.
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