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uke (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2005 at 7:40pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: Fly High and Sky High
Subject: Oh em gee, I have a journal!
'Lo! o__o I'm Adrian, your local rainbow whore, yaoi obsessed, anime freak, with an unhealthy love for j-rock...person. <3 My screenname is Uke, which is the best thing ever. -Dies- Er, I'm seventeen and I'm from the big G-A, yo.

I hate it here. ._. -Sulk-

Right, I'm really into Japanese culture in general. I swear I was born in the wrong country. @_@

I'm hopelessly perverted and don't so much as try to hide it. I like sex. Yummy gay sex with whatever guy I'm with at the time. Don't like it? Go screw yourself. n__n -Beams-

Well, I have buisness to attend to. O.o Perhaps I'll post later with something interesting to say.

Comment if you love me <3!

Hugs and stiches,
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