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SPEAKYOURMIND22 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2005 at 12:41am
Current mood: cold
Music: nothing
Subject: This was going to be short, but once i start i cant stop thinking..... :)
Well things have been ok cant be over soon enough.. teaching poetry has been amazing...the only problem is i need to write a poem about it and do a crap load for that that will be the reat of my semester..i am jsut happy to done with school and i want to take a trip somewhere, by myself ( or if i had a someone to go with that would be cool too, but i dont ahve anyone) i want to go away. And this kid i had class with (chris) said something to me while i ran into him goign to my class, and he said you should go on a trip. i was like my classic "WHAT?" but he is right i need to go know like regroup and focus on what i want in this Crazy life... and during that conversasion he said i should be an english major..that is the 2nd time someone has said that to me. so maybe i will change my minor to see my strong hold on everything happends for a reason is stayign strong. their is a reason for everything. I jsut wish some reasons were more clear...alot more clear. I wish this missing things in my heart were clear.
line of poetry for today
" My cutting thoughts are bleeding thier way to my hert"
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