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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2005 at 6:44pm
Current mood: blah
Music: if i aint got you ~ Alica Keys
Subject: blah...
i try to update as much as possible but i have nothing interesting to say.... :-/

im going to FL next week, which should be fun.
things are getting somewhat better as time passes here. i feel good about things in general with a few worries i guess.

everyday i still find myself missing all of the things i had. and i wonder will i have that again? in some senses i think i will but in others i guess i don't see it happening. id like to come close.

summers almost here...2 more months or so... i wanna visit you guys...itll be like last summer which now seems like yesterday. the year is going by so fast...i cant wait to see you guys soon...i miss you alot.
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