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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2005 at 11:56pm
Current mood: tired
saturday i went to a barbeque. i only stayed for the food. i didnt have enough energy to stay for the games. so i just went back home and layed low. i was in and out of sleep till about 10. dylan stopped by to see how i was doing.

sunday i went to church. did some accounting. and i stopped by dylan's. also watched the simpsons!

today i went to dylans after school. then we went to the writing lab. then we went to orem court. i had to pay for my ticket and sign up for traffic school. then dylan and i went to taco bell. then i tried to do homework but i kept getting distracted by malcom in the middle. then joe stopped by. he's leaving tom. around 730 blair stopped by. then we went to a bio study group. there were about 10 of us trying to do the take home test. which is way hard. there were 75 questions. we began around 730 and ended at 10 and we only had 40 questions done. blair stayed for awhile at my place. after he left dylan stopped by. we took a lot of his pills. and then talked for awhile. then we both passed out.
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