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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2005 at 8:50pm
Today was an interesting day. First i woke up and my mommy made me some pilsbury cinnamon buns [yummm my favorite] and then i tried something new with my hair....instead of just leaving it straightened, i flipped it out and it look pretty good ;-) And i wore another skirt today for the second day in a sure Evan liked that :-) I went to biology like i normaly do and nothing really cool happened there. Like i cant stand Amelia ne more!!! She is soooo opionated and it gets on my nerves and lately she has had this fucking attitude and it pisses me off. Anyways...U.S. Studies was boring as usual and like nothing fun happened. I had an ECR which sucks cuz i hate them. Then i went to cooking and i got to finally eat my cinnamon buns that i made with my group.... but they were really grosse :-( Then went to band where found out that WE ARENT GOING TO APPLE BLOSSEM.....i was so pissed cuz i really wanted to go :-( Its all K's fault cuz he didnt sign up the school soon enough and there was no more room in the schedule.....bummer. Then like class was finally over and the bell rang and everyone left the back room and Evan decides he wants to make we did and then all of a sudden K walked in on us and he like yells "holy shnikies!!!!!!!!!!!!" and we like stopped and he like started laughing and like then he proceeded to like tell the world [well not the whole world....but like the entire band *sigh*] So now tomorrow will be the whole class knows by now and now im gonna get a reputation...o well.

Tomorrow i have soccer fun....i really dont want to go cuz i have to practice with the older gurls and they r really good and like they make me look bad :-/ Oh well. Later.~~
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