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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2005 at 10:24pm
Subject: What great names great people do have.
Last night I met a guy, whose name I wouldn't know until later the next day (or, now). It was at my sister's place, and this would happen to be the brother of one of her roomies. She told me to bring some of my artwork to show this guy, but I never took a second to think he might be.. well, awesome. In fact, he is the coolest person I've met and connected with so quickly. I felt drawn towards his unusual charisma. I can't seem to explain my thoughts very well, but he's someone I'd love to hang out with more. Many of his deep thoughts parralled mine, and so much more seemed to be that simple answer I've been searching for and needing to hear. Answers I could not manage to find on my own -- and answers I seemed to have given in return for his uncertainties.

I just received a message from him now extending an invitation from the other roommates and himself for my siblings and I to come visit again. I feel pretty enthused. I find it even more admirable that this guy, unlike other 'friends' I've known for years, will still be interested in a friendship even if I mention my boyfriend several times in a conversation. Awesome. I felt it was important for any new person I befriend, especially of the opposite gender, to know from the start that I am not single, and I am happy. It seems to make things more easygoing.

You know what? I was going to wait until later this summer when he'd have his birthday, but I think I'll go ahead and bring my Element deck, truck and wheels, for him to have. I'd love to see him skate.
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