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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 4-19-2005 at 8:31pm
Music: The Monkees
Hey dudes..
Just something that was bothering me that I'd like to write about: Well its not bothering me but its an interesting thought I had.

I wish that I could live on the east coast cause out here in California we are one of the last time zones on earth and I'd like to see what it feels like to be over there and know that when your getting up people on the west coast are sleeping comfortably or that when your just going to bed people on the west coast are eating dinner. I've been to the east coast but I guess I never thought of it until now. All this talking to English people has really got me thinking of time zones now and I obsess over it. Throughout the day I sit there and say "Well..its 2 pm here so its...10 pm in England right now." I'm crazy!

Anyway, I just got sidetracked with homework and stuff. I had a strange moment. I was working on my math homework which was kinda boring me like it always does and then I felt like my brain wasnt working hard enough so I had to look up other stuff on the internet. I decided to look up the Golden Gate Bridge (Dont ask why! I LOVE THAT BRIDGE I WISH IT COULD BE IN MY BACKYARD) and then the perfect song came on but thats not my point. So as I was looking at it I realized that I'm freaking in love with San Francisco. I mean...really really in love it. ITS SO STINKING PRETTY AND UNIQUE IF YOU HATE IT YOURE A DUMBASS WHO OBVIOUSLY HASN'T EVER BEEN THERE! Its just funny cause I always say how much I wanna move to the U.K and stuff but really I would miss it here. I'd miss being a 40 minutes drive from San Francisco. What sane person wouldnt miss it? Unless of course they got in a car accident on the bay or golden gate bridge and came a few feet away from falling off the edge into the icy water. I could understand that. Or maybe they came on the one day in like 50 years that there was a big earthquake. That also I could understand. It bugs me how people are paranoid of earthquakes. MY GOODNESS PEOPLE! THEY HARDLY EVER HAPPEN STOP GETTING ALL WORKED UP ABOUT HOW BAD THEY ARE! I think I'm going to die in an earthquake. I actually wouldn't mind it. Earthquakes are great and they are so unexpected. If you got killed in a tornado you would know it was coming unless you are blind and deaf person. Tornados are scary. They kill thousands of people in like 3 months of tornados every year no matter what. Earthquakes kill thousands of people on one day or maybe 2 with after shocks and stuff and then thats it for several years. HMM...WHICH ONE DO YOU PICK? Yea I know I'm preaching to the choir here because Jessica is the only one that reads this and on occasion a few other people but I felt like getting my view on earthquakes across.

Ok back to the San Francisco part. (I really think its nearly impossible for me to get tired of talking about it. YAHAHAHAHA!) I was looking it up on the internet tourism sites when I was supposed to be finding stuff about Portugal. I found it funny what they tell you to do. "The Golden Gate is a must see!" Duh.. You dont need a tour book or website to tell you that. "Golden Gate park is beautiful and full of special plants! Visit Chinatown, ITS HUGE!" or.."Grace Cathedral is a large and pretty church that had cool looking stained glass windows." I wonder why they don't have any of the really good stuff in there. You have to go see the stuff they tell you to go see in those books and stuff but you should also see the stuff they don't mention. So many wonderful things tourists miss out on. If I go to New York City I would want to see all the stuff that people who live there get to see. I know the only way to do that is to spend some serious time there though because no one will tell you about it. Someday I'd like to make a tourist book that doesn't just have the shitty regular stuff to go see. I would include things that the locals get to see. Although...that might piss the locals off..hmm. OH well. Everyone should get to see the cool things hiding in cities.

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