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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2005 at 8:06am
Current mood: somewhat tired, but otherwise chipper
Music: damn circus song
Subject: reflections
i decided that me and peter are extremely good for each other. he is helping me with my downfalls. hes convinced that he can turn me into a better person. now that can be viewed negatively i suppose, but it offers me some hope. my self respect is increasing as is my self esteem. ive given up drinking. my nicotine intake is slowly dwindling. and when i get my license back, i decided that im going to actually attempt to drive between my designated hours. i only need about 50 more credit hours before i can become a probie officer and keep other delinquents in line. my life is shaping up. it's a nice change.

65 days till i have the opportunity to bless the roads with my wonderful driving!

hailey is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world...and i might get to meet her joel today!

jessa - when are you due?

granted everyone should care about how they physically look, but i decided that im not going to really care much anymore. i will continue to shower and such, its jus the whole weight issue that really bugs me about girls. they think that theyre way to frickin fat, regardless how anorexically thin they are. we stay warm in the winter - there's nothing wrong with that.

today is 4/20. this has absolutely no meaning to me anymore. it just reminds me of the stupidity of my younger years.

i dont have class for another 5 hours so i think im gunna go back to sleep. nite kids.
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