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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2005 at 8:31am
Current mood: blank
Music: something corporate. in my head.
Subject: im so tired of days that feel like they're night.
okay.. 2 days ago i got on the bus to go home and i went to my seat and i saw legs under the seat so i pulled on them and there was a doll .. then i found another one :) they were pretty damn ugly though lol . so i took one and put the body out and closed the legs in the window and did the same for the other doll on the other window . we got half way down the road and "chico" *the bus driver* goes "ehh ehh boy you take that down ." stupid bish . so i opened the window and let it fall out while we were going 438573495735 miles per hour :) then my friend kyle did the same for the other doll . it was funny. yesterday .. came to school ; nothing happened that i can remember . hector came home with me cuhz he got locked out of andrews and no one was home . went to my house . played slinter cell . which is an awesome game . kinda confusing . but it was cool . rents got home listened to "blue collar rides again" . GIT -R- DONE ! . haha i love larry the cable guy . hes bad ass . :) got ready for work ; went to work ; it was super busy for some odd reason . so i had stuff to do allllll night . :( normally thats my lazy work day ... but no people wanted food . god damnit . lol . talked with ben until we got slammed . you can tell when he has a lot of food to cook when he cusses at himself . its soo funny . lol . hes a cool kid though so .. yeah . listened to some hawthorne heights;something corporate;and some gangster lil` jon cuhh . on the ride home from work with ben dover . haha . love it . some car broke down and we had to keep stopping and going ; so ben kept swurving around.. im like what are you doing and hes like having fun .. and im just like okaaayy ? lol . so we got outta there just made a U--turn . and took us 3456907567 extra minutes to get home . but i didnt care cuhz i hate being home;and i wanted to listen to loud music . and ben makes me laugh lol . :) got home . me and ben went inside ; i changed into my PJ's ; watched like 45 minutes of meet the fockers ben left . i went to sleep . had a hard time waking up this morning . remembered ITS 420 !! hahaha . alison didnt come to school cuhz she wanted to be like the rest of the "cool" kids . even though she dosent smoke lol . wootevaaa . i wasnt gunna go to school but i need to pull my grades up .. :( tonight is this wrestling thing with teachers . its gunna be awesome . me and brittany are probably going . FAT FAASSE !! yaya . haha . well 1st period- did my work . im done Activity period- went to brittanys portable with ashley . went over by adam and rubbed his back for a bit cuhz he didnt feel good . brittany came and sat by me for a while then i went and sat by her and ashley . cuhz ashley was looking lonely . :( sat there and talked for a bit . then the bell rang and now we're in 2nd period- updating and being quiet . whoa i know me being quiet ?! hey it happens . :) brittanys a cheater . hah j/k i love that girl soo much . anyways ... this is wicked long .


quarter masters .

World Geography- D 64
Computer- F 44 *dont ask how i got that . me and brittany always have the highest grade and now we're the lowest.. WTF?!*
English 1- B- 80
Shop- C 75
Biology- B+ 88
Algebra 1- C- 72
Health 1- B+ 87

horrible .

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