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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2005 at 5:32pm
Today was a boring day. It started out with my biology class having to go to another class room cuz this one class of advanced biology needed our room cuz it has the lab tables in, they were disecting cats!!!!! [aww poor cats]...neways...we did some worksheets on genetics and i payed attention and like when it was time to do work on our own, i actually knew everything [woohoo...go me]. Then i went to U.S Studies where we got those ECR's back and i got a 100%, i was so happy :-) Then the teacher lectured us on todays lesson and then we watched a movie for the last half hour of class. In cooking all i did was book work since my group already cooked. It was really boring in that class today. Then i went to band. I found out that about 15 ppl knew about the incident that happened yesterday. So be4 we played, the teacher made some announcements and he was like "the trash talk in this class needs to stop and i mainly hear it in the storage room" then he said "oh, and one more thing, the storage room is not a make-out room" and everyone laughed. Then he was like "i walked in on two ppl in the action yesterday and it was someting that i didnt really want to see. Then, like everyone either looked at me or Evan. Then, this one nosey person [i dunno who] was like "well who was it?" and the teacher was like it was..."Todd and Krissy" and then me and Evan started laughing and we pretty much got away with it. I was happy cuz like i didnt want ppl to think of me as a slut.....but if they did, and i really was, i wouldnt deny it just to look good. Like today at lunch Amelia was talking to Steph about her muslces and she was like "Steph u have more muscle than me everywhere except my mouth cuz i talk a lot" and like everyone automatically thought she was talking about something else and then she was like "noooo, u guys im not like that...not at all" and in my head i was like "u liar" i knew she was lieing cuz her and Evan were going out for like a week and they went to the movies with some friends and like the next day i heard they made out and like Evan even admitted they did. So that just proves what a liar and poser Amelia is. So then class was over and Evan bought Starbursts at the school store and like while we were waiting for the bus i kept trying to get them from him...and let me tell u....he has a really strong grip and it was really hard to get them from him, and i've never seen ne one in my life so protective over j/p. While i was trying to get the candy Evan was like "i like this game"...but like i dunno y he said I was gonna go to soccer practice today but Mo said that as long as we go to one of the practices we will be ill just go to the thursday ones cuz like they r the ones when most of my team goes ne way. So now im gonna relax for the night cuz i had no homework :-) later.
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