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SeraphimRhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 12:39am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: "Holiday" ~Green Day
Subject: hominid evolution does not like lighter fluid!
Yeah, all right all right, you want an actual update?

Not much is going on.....Okay maybe everything is going on.

States was awesome! Can't believe Andrei and I forgot to have our show down!! We'll just have to have it next Monday at the final MAO meeting....MUAHAHAHAHA It can be the focal point. Poor Andrei... ^^

Senior Celebrations was kinda close to what I expected. Then again not close.. Everyone getting a gift was pretty cool, though the gifts could be a bit more equal...still becomes a game of luck and whatnot. The video was AWESOME! Absolutely loved it! Everyone did a wonderful job on it! Valmere and her crew did excellent on the picture collage as well, very happy with it. I loved seeing everyone dressed up all pretty! The dance was interesting....but eh, kinda fun. It was Danny's 18th birthday!

Okay, the stuff that's just me. I've been sick. Kinda weird sick. Not sick sick. Monday coming home from States I was kinda....not feeling too well. Figured it was just exhaustion from the four days. Kinda crashed Monday after school and went straight to bed. I was shacking and tossing and burning up but cold and just so ill... Tried to get up Tuesday but it just wasn't happening. Planned to go in for the chem test and....I just couldn't do it. I'd have little periods of feeling okay but then I'd just shake and it'd feel like, to quote, "my blood is hurting me." Like I'd be uber sensitive and ache-ing and pained. I decided to spend Tuesday sleeping and then running through some get-better-quick-methods so I could manage through Senior Celebrations. It was still pretty rough. Shaking through dinner. Dizzy and ill through the rest of it. Never seems to be enough water. Partways through last night it was *snap* all better. I actually slept nicely. Went through the morning and all that. But slowly through school I was Was wondering if I'd get through the concert.
(Yeahyeah too much info...ah well...just saving up for the times I don't update.)

On that note: my solo couldn't be played because of the accompanist. She wasn't able to sight-read my piano part as well as match my changing tempos (which I change personally). Certainly no one would be able to do that in 2 run throughs. I was pretty not happy....but it was a relief. Still would've liked to play it at my last Percussion Concert. (And of course I didn't have the piece down perfectly which was also a reason for cancelling) AND! The piano was a full half step flat. Sounded so bad..
Otherwise, my ensemble went pretty poorly. One of the worst perfomances of it we've done. But at least we didn't fall apart.
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