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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 8:13am
Current mood: sad
Music: something corporate.
last night i was going to go to this wrestling thing with brittany . but i called her and she didnt answer but her phones being retarded so it wasnt her fault . anyways; i called leighanne so she came over and we were about to leave and we're like we dont wanna go cuhz we need to catch up . we havent seen/talked to eachother since my birthday *feb. 15* she used to be my very best friend . and ever since high school ; we totally lost touch . so we caught up . and we talked about alot of stuff . but before she came over my mom called crying . our convo .
me-hello? whats wrong ?
mom-do you remember alissa ?
me- yes how could i forget her?
mom- well she broke up with chewy *a really good friend of mine* so she could move somewhere else to start a new life.
me- Ok ?
mom- well a few nights ago she was murdered .
me- what ?!
mom- her and her friend were walking at 1:00 a.m. when 2 guys came up to alissa and tried to take her purse . *she was holding her and her friends purse* she resisted and the guy shot her in the head . she was on life support for a short time . and her family pulled the plug . and she died the same day .
me- ok bye .
mom - bye
i didnt cry for some reason . my eyes just got watery . it was weird . but yeah . nothing else to say for now .
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