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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 4:17pm
Today was a really easy day. Fist in biology, all we did was watch a movie and talk the whole time. Then at U.S. Studies we took a test that i thought was really easy and then we watched a mivie too. Then in cooking i just got to hang out and talk the whole time cuz some groups still had to finish cooking. Then in band we just played music like we always do and thats always easy. It was funny in that class today cuz Zach was gone for like the first 10 minutes of it and we were all like "where is he?" then he came back and the teacher was like "where were u?" and he was like "i was finishing a test" and the teacher was like "well u need to go get a pass from the teacher iu were with" and the Zach left to go get a pass. Then while he was gone, the teacher was like "i bet he wasnt taking a test" and when he got back he had a pass and like the teacher looked at it and put it in his pocket. Then when Zach sat down i asked him where he really was and he said "i was getting Tara and Erica out of class" and i was like "ohh so u skipped" and he was like "pretty much" So then the teacher went in his opffice and i followed to tell him where he really was [i know i know.....that was being such a snitch....but like if it were me i would have never gotten away with it...o well] So to make a long story short.....Zach got busted and he is getting a refferal.....hahahahaha.

So i AM going to practice fun....i really dont want to go...but i have to. Later.
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