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elektragamblin (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 1:02pm
Current mood: hyper
Music: none
Subject: *falls over laughing*

I could never imagine going anywhere else for school..XDDD <3 Polaris

my afternoon class was so hilarious ^^
Seminar+drill+metal saw+Hammer+High Schooler's= XDDD DDDDDDDDDDDD DDDDDDDDD


>. >

for like.......amost an hour, every time someone started reading outload, one of the construction drills would start up and we'd all start laughing. 'Twas funnay. And we had Frank (VP) sitting in for part of the class, and everyone kept telling him to go kick someones butt for making so much Then, after break, we all got back to the room and turned the lights off....cause the room we're in right now is -ebil- -ebil I say ebil-, *cough* the room is like being in an asylum.....anyways, we were all sitting there in the dark just chilling, and Bill came back and turned the lights on...there was like this collective shriek..XD And then, when frank left, he told the contruction people to stop making so much noise on that wall, and the supervisor came over to the room to see where the noise was coming from, and we told him that it had stopped earlier, and like the -second- the door shut behind him, one of the drills started up again, XD

Anyways...more quotes ^^

"it's not my fault I ate beans last night!" (*cough* Matt was being a dork)

"Now we just have to find out who bopped off Frank in the dark" - "no, Frank had to go to a meeting" -"Oh! so thaaaaaaaaat's what they call it these days!"


"This is -Polaris-, if you're not crazy then there's something wrong with you!"

XDDDD <3 Polaris

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