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ladymcgrady (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 9:06pm
Subject: Changes
I'm changing, and i dunno if itz good or bad yet...i noticed it a lil while ago...i think itz cuz of working at WIS, everyone is alwayz busting on everyone else and the girls are alwayz yellin at each other and threatening each other but itz all in fun, and they're drawing me in lol, itz just fun, and i dunno i'm really starting to hold my own, with everything, if someone starts makin fun of me i dont just shy away like i used to, i give it right back to them and the one girl wuz really annoying me cuz i didnt know if she wuz joking or serious and i didnt care, i said what i wanted to and i dunno the whole thing has made me more confident and outgoing and itz just to where i dont really care what i say anymore, i'm gonna say what i want without caring what other people think or say...and thatz not alwayz a good thing, cuz then i get into a "disagreement" with Bob and i know one of these times i'm gonna say the wrong thing and who knows what'll happen? i could ruin things between us, itz like i got all this pent up energy waiting to be released and when given an outlet i take it and just let loose, and it kinda scares me, i need to find the line that i cant cross...i'm itching to get in a fight i think, i feel confined and frustrated lol itz weird, i cant explain y try? lol anyhow i'll move on...i found where i wanna live :) when you're on I-81 S. and u go past the West Hazleton exit and u look to the right itz gorgeous!! itz all beautiful farmland and it just takes my breath away every time, everyday comin home from work as we pass it i just stare out the window entranced by it lol i'd pick a house near the woods so i'd be secluded from neighbors but close enough that i'd have neighbors, it looks like such a peaceful little town, houses here and there, not right next to each other but scattered about, itz just sooo nice, i told my dad about it and he said itz Conyngham Valley, i'm gonna make him take me there one of these days so i can look around lol i'm gonna have to take some pix of it on the way home from work too, i cant get over how beautiful it is ::sigh:: lol well thatz enough of that, i had to write, and now i feel better as usual lol now i see how Bob is bout working out, this is what makes me feel at peace lol :)
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