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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-21-2005 at 11:54pm
Current mood: productive
Subject: finals suck balls.
tuesday i went up to salt lake with dylan. we went to his brothers house for a bit. then i went to kens house to finish off the biology take home test. it was the same people there as monday.

after school yesterday i went over to dylan's. he helped me with a couple of the questions from the take home test. i went to the gym. then dylan and i went to circuit city so i could get a wireless card for my laptop. so i can use the internet when im in london!

today i had school. most of my classes got out early since it is the last day of school. i went to bio review with ken, kameron and rob. then i went to arby's with ken. then we went to traffic school. it actually wasnt that bad. it was from 7-10 and the teacher was pretty cool. i broght a magazine with me that i read the whole time. it went by pretty fast. then dylan and i went to the movies to see "be cool". i saw kameron there.
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