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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2005 at 6:05am
I'm not going to feel good once I go to bed and wake up. That's if I can go to bed. One of my friends is passed out on my bed, another one is sleeping on the floor. Seven shots is probably the most I've ever had. But the four of us finished a fifth of captain's and half a fifth of vodka twist. Ick. Just talking about it makes me a little sickish. My roommate walked in to quite a sight though. But he didn't care. He's a nice guy. I also found out that he has some pot in the room. I don't care about that, but him and one of my other friends were talking about getting me high. Honestly, I am a little curious to see what it's like. Okay, very curious. But I need to do homework all weekend like a mofo. goodnight.
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