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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2005 at 9:51am
Yesterday was my 4 month anniversary with Evan....woohoo :-) i am very happy that we have been together this long.
Yesterday was a half day at school [thank god] and my grandfather picked me, Evan, and April up from school and brought us back to my house. Then me and Evan hung out till like 4:00--ish and then his mom came and got us and brought us back to his house. When we got there we went outside and played some soccer. I totally kicked Evan's butt...hahahaha. Then we went inside and hung out more and then we ate dinner and then we had to go to his little sister's school talent show. It was sooooooo funny.....all these little kids thought they could sing and they we really bad....but it was cute how they tried. While we were there we saw Joe and Zach C. Me, Evan, and Zach could not stop laughing throughout the Then the show was finally over and we went back to Evan's house and hung out and wathed "Texas Chain Saw Massacare" It wasnt that was more bloody. Then i had to leave and the night was over :-( i really wanted to spend more time with him but i couldnt. When i got home and went straight to bed....i was sooooo cold last night and while i was at Evans house....after i got in my covers i was warm but they werent as good as the "blanket" at Evan's house ;-) Later.

1. Who Are You?
2. How Do You Know Me?
3. What Am I to You?
4. Whats My nick Name?
5. Whats My Middle Name?
6. What is My DOB?
7. Wut skool did I go to?
8. What Grade am I In?
9. What was Your First Impression About Me?
10. Does Any Song Remind You of Me?
11. Am I Nice?
12. Am I Athletic?
13. What Sports Do I Play?
14. Can You Always Count on Me?
15. Am I Lazy?
16. Am I Flirty?
17. Have I Ever Had My Heart Broken?
18. Am I Single or Taken?
19. Would You Want Me as a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
20. Am I Hot or Ugly?
21. Can You Talk to Me About All Your Problems?
22. On a Scale of 1-10 with 10 being the Highest, How Well Do You Know Me?
23. Describe Me in One Word?
23. Final Question… Do You Love Me?

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-Copy this
-Click "Rock on"
-Paste this in the box
-Answer all the questions
*if ur not a memder of woohu...just click the "anonymous" box and put ur name as the subject.
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