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playachika (profile) wrote,
on 4-23-2005 at 8:25pm
Current mood: pissed off
Music: im moving on
so life has definatly been stupid lately. my parents treat me as if im grounded when im not. i havtn had my phone for 2 weeks. i feel miserable. school is once again really bad. it was better butnow it sucks. only 20 some more days left. i almost forgot about this journal. how could i forget about it? this was my lifeline once upon a time ago.. now i have the live journal one..

god diary have i missed you.
so much is going on in my life.. my parents hate me.. i just.. AHh! i just want to cry alot now.. alot just isnt going right..

me and greg are over agian.. i miss him extremely. i need him back in my life. you odnt understand how much i love him. i realyl love him. i know i said that about alot of guys.. its just its been 9 months with meand him and now its finally finaly over. i saw him at prom and he didnt even say hi to me. he looked at me and was all over this girl.. god .. i just anted to cry.. i dont know diary. when i get a chance im going to write in you more oftnen. i miss you.
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